Eddi (water diverter)

The Eddi is the perfect compliment to a solar PV system. The Eddi diverts excess PV generation to an immersion heater in a hot water cylinder thereby helping to use the solar production more effectively and stop exporting excess to the grid.

With the addition of the hub, pictured below, you can also monitor and control the Eddi from your phone app or cloud portal. The hub is not required for the eddi to work.



MY-200102_Eddi_V2.0myenergi-Logo The eddi is essentially a switch that connects either by wire or wirelessly with the addition of a Harvi (pictured below) to the immersion heater in your hot water cylinder. Please not this is not compatible with a combination boiler. This allows you to heat up your hot water with any excess Solar PV production ths reducing the amount of electricity you feed back in to the grid and saves your boiler from needing to come in to heat the water. MY-200200_Harvi-Side

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