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  • PV domestic scaled

    Domestic Solar PV

    Solar PV panel (electric) are a tried and te ted method to produce electricity at home The panel can be fitted to a tiled, late or zinc roof, on

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  • Commercial Array Andover

    Commercial Solar PV

    Welcome to GHE Solar, your go-to ource for commercial olar panel in tallation Whether you need a 4kW y tem for your office or a 1MW y tem for

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  • AL 11031x SmileB3Plus

    Energy Storage (batteries)

    Energy Storage or Batterie are a mu t if your driver i elf- ufficiency and they fit eamle ly with a olar PV y tem Batterie are in hort

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  • MY 122201 Zappi 2H22TB

    Zappi EV Charger

    Zappi EV charger work eamle ly with a PV y tem to en ure exce PV production goe traight into your electric car They come tethered or

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  • MY 200100 Eddi

    Eddi (water diverter)

    The Eddi i the perfect compliment to a olar PV y tem The Eddi divert exce PV generation to an immer ion heater in a hot water cylinder thereby

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