Smart Meters

Smart meters are being rolled out to smooth the peak demand curve. Once the whole grid is smart, tariffs will drop and the energy distributors will be able to use EV’s and home energy storage as part of the grid. They allow homeowners to understand how and when they use energy and therefore have more control over it. If you are having a solar PV system installed then a smart meter allows you to understand when the system is sending electricity back to the grid and is a must for the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

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GHE are working in partnership with British Gas to help deliver the roll out of Smart Meters to all of their customers.

If you are a British Gas customer they will write to you to let you know when one of our field agents is going to be in your area and may knock on your door to explain how you could benefit from a smart meter.  If you are interested they can then book an appointment for a BG engineer to come and install one for you.

Don’t worry if you aren’t in when they knock – we will leave a calling card with details of how you can get in touch – alternatively we will try again another day.

It’s totally free and can help you to take control of the amount you are spending on Gas and Electricity.