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We use state of the art 3D modelling software, that allows us to model your property based not only on real time 3D imaging but we are also able to input your particular variables to give you the best possible idea of the likely look and savings.

Accurate predictions
Financial forecasting
Detailed proposals

We create a model of your house or premises, enter your specific data and the software simulates the returns!

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The software simulation will give you a pretty good idea of the benefits of a solar PV system and/or battery as we enter your household consumption figure, usage profile, whether you have an EV, and how many miles you travel each week, and if you have any high electric consumption appliances such as a heat pump. If you have a lot of trees near the proposed house or premises we can even add those in and create a shading analysis. The irradiation figures (amount of sun that hits the panels) will also be calculated based on your exact location. Most reports will be circa 20 pages long to give you a fully informed view of how the system is likely to perform.

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