Invest in solar panels for home and save money on energy bills!

Solar panels for home

Are you tired of paying extortionate power bills? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? Are you interested in a backup power source for times when the grid goes down? Then you need solar panels for homes from GHE Solar Ltd.

Whether it’s for your home or business, we have the solution for you. We have been providing solar panels for home and business premises for many years. We have helped hundreds of people to save money on their energy bills, to take advantage of applicable tax breaks and cash incentives for reducing their carbon footprint, to increase the market value of their property, and to maximise the productivity of their business operations.

We are committed to helping our customers save money while doing something good for the environment. That’s why we offer professional installation services at competitive prices so everyone can enjoy increased energy performance efficiency with lower maintenance costs.

Enjoy a renewable, clean source of energy with GHE Solar Ltd – Understand the benefits for UK residents

Solar panel home

-Reduce your energy bills by avoiding high peak-hour rates.

-Take advantage of applicable tax breaks and cash incentives for reducing your carbon footprint.

-Increase the market value of your property, making it easy to find buyers when you decide to sell it.

-Increased grid security with solar energy production – have a secure source of power if the grid goes down.

-Gain access to an excellent alternative energy resource – solar energy is clean and renewable, so you can enjoy reliable power with minimal environmental impact.

-Increase energy performance efficiency by harnessing solar energy as part of an integrated system.

-Improve your business reputation – solar panels signal that you’re focused on sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint.

-Maximise operations productivity – solar energy production is reliable and efficient, giving you more power with less effort.

-Enjoy cheaper installation and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional energy sources.

Harness the power of sunlight with GHE Solar Ltd!

-Get FREE smart meters from your energy supplier to effectively monitor your solar panel use and maximise savings.

-Cut down on electricity costs with our highly experienced solar panel experts and solar PV specialists who can provide you with tailored solutions for solar systems.

-Take advantage of the extended 5-year warranty on our batteries, which can be expanded to a full 10 years on request.

-Get a better idea of solar panel performance with PVSol Design software, helping you calculate your potential savings and get an idea of how your solar panels will look.

-Take advantage of flexible financing options, such as Power Purchase Agreements, tailored to suit your needs, depending on the size of your solar panel system.

-Get the best solar panel installation from the UK’s best domestic solar PV specialists who have installed more than 40,000 solar measures.

-Receive 24/7 support and maintenance for your solar panel systems from highly experienced commercial solar PV experts.

-Enjoy more savings on your energy usage and see impressive results when you integrate solar panels onto the grid.

-Significantly reduce your carbon footprint with solar panels and move towards a greener future.

-Get solar panel systems that are tailored to suit your needs – whether you’re looking for solar panels for home or commercial use, we have you covered!

-Keep your solar panels running for lots longer with solar panel maintenance and solar panel repair services.

-Maximise your savings on power bills by utilising solar thermal systems and solar PV systems.

-Reap the rewards of solar panel installation from certified and accredited expert contractors belonging to both Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and PAS2030.

-Enjoy solar panels that are designed to meet the Retrofit standard, ensuring they remain efficient and effective for years to come.

-Have solar systems installed in newly built homes with our team of solar panel specialists who have over 10 years of experience in solar panel installation.

We are here to help: Providing exceptional customer service across the UK

GHE Solar Ltd supplies the highest quality solar panels for home use in the UK. Our customer service is second to none, offering expert advice and support throughout your installation process. Whether you need help navigating our website or have questions about how long it will take to fit a system at your property, our team of experienced professionals are here to assist you every step of the way. 

With lightning-fast response times and an extensive knowledge base, we ensure that all customers receive top-notch care with each interaction – no matter what stage they’re at on their journey towards becoming energy independent!

Solar collector for residence

Learn more about our products and services through our customers' reviews!

“Worked with these guys for over 10 years now on various projects, always professional, polite and customer focussed.

GHE Solar ltd have actually helped me to develop my own company by using their operating standards as an example within my own company.

Great solar panel installer”

John Allen

“GHE were fantastic – I would highly recommend them. They always replied promptly to my emails and answered all of my little questions. We had our work done via the Government’s Boiler Scheme, which required GHE to apply for a voucher before the work could be completed. All of this was done quickly and smoothly. The gentlemen that GHE had come and do the work were also great – they were efficient, polite and made sure to clean up after themselves. One of the sensors on our new heat tank broke, and they made sure to come and get it fixed. Best of all, they charged us what they originally quoted.”

Simon Jarrett

“Good experience from end to end – quick quote, good installation and nice to get the batteries in sooner than expected! Whole company extremely friendly and approachable with any questions. Very pleased – thanks!”

Paul Archer

Solar array for house

Unlock the potential of renewable energy – Get your solar panels installed now!

Make the wise decision to invest in renewable energy with GHE Solar Ltd, the UK’s premier provider of residential solar panel systems. 

We guarantee superior quality and outstanding customer service while helping you find a system that meets your unique requirements. 

Let us guide you through this journey towards saving money on energy bills by giving us a call on 01635 529090 or emailing Renewables@ghesolar.co.uk – we’re here for you!

Get answers to your solar panel questions now!

Solar panels for home are a fantastic way to lower your electricity costs while also lessening your carbon footprint.

Photovoltaic cells capture solar energy from the sun and transform it into useful electrical power for powering homes, with minimal effort required on your part in order to maintain them.

Solar panels are also incredibly durable, making them an ideal investment that will provide you with long-term savings!

The cost of solar panels for homes range in price depending on the size and type. Although initial installation fees may seem steep, you will be saving plenty of money through significantly lower electricity bills over time – potentially thousands of pounds.

Harnessing solar panels for homes is now easy with the help of the efficient and cost-effective solar panels on the market today, which can convert up to 20% of sunlight into electricity. This means that, by investing in these resources, you can reduce the amount of energy needed from other sources by up to a fifth.

Opting for solar panels for homes not only reduces your monthly energy costs, but also helps you contribute positively towards the environment. Furthermore, with minimal maintenance required, these renewable sources of energy are sure to last you up to 25 years.

When selecting the ideal solar panels for homes, take into consideration your panels’ size and type, as well as how much energy they will generate. For optimal efficiency, mount the panels on a south-facing roof that receives direct radiation from the sun.

With proper care and maintenance, solar panels for homes can last for up to 25 years. To ensure that your system is working optimally, it’s essential to periodically inspect the set-up for debris blocking any of the cells. Additionally, regular cleanings will make sure that dust doesn’t interfere with their performance. Taking these simple steps ensures you’re getting maximum efficiency from your investment in solar energy technology.

If your solar panels for homes aren’t exposed to direct sunlight, they won’t be able to generate electricity as efficiently. To make up for the deficit in energy production, you may require installing additional solar cells or panels that can compensate and tap into more of the sun’s rays.

It’s essential to read the warranty for your solar panels for home closely, as the length and quality of coverage can vary depending on the type and manufacturer. Generally speaking, warranties for solar panels last up to 25 years or sometimes even longer – but it always pays to double-check!