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Solar panel battery

At GHE Solar Ltd, we are passionate about delivering only the best in solar panel battery technology. Our superior market offerings are manufactured with the highest-grade components and carefully engineered for optimal performance. 

Our mission is to make renewable energy available for all. We have designed solar products with convenience in mind; anyone can have them installed and maintain them on an ongoing basis. Helping you access solar power, even on cloudy days or at night, is the ideal benefit offered by these solar panel batteries. Not only do they provide an efficient source of stored energy, but their durability will keep providing you with reliable, clean energy for years to come.

With an efficient solar panel battery solution from our company, there has never been a better time to join the environmentally-friendly energy movement. Get in touch with us today for additional details. Embrace clean and sustainable power with our remarkable new range of options. Make the transition right away and begin capturing the sun’s awesome strength and start saving on your energy bills.

Unlock our full potential and discover our extensive list of features and benefits

Solar panels for home

-Save money on your energy bill by strategically avoiding peak-hour energy rates.

-Unlock tax credits and cash rewards simply by decreasing your environmental impact.

-Expand your property’s worth and attract potential buyers when it is time to sell up.

-Heightened grid security for optimal protection.

-Experience the limitless potential of renewable energy today.

-Boost your energy efficiency to drive optimal performance.

-Enhance your business image and gain trust from customers by bolstering your reputation in terms of being environmentally friendly.

-Unlock the full potential of your business operations and maximise productivity.

-Achieve energy savings with effortless installation.

Uncover our outstanding benefits

-Maximise your savings with reduced maintenance expenses.

-We are seasoned pros in commercial solar photovoltaic technology.

-Gain a complimentary smart meter from your energy supplier.

-Benefit from our experience as energy-efficiency experts.

-Have a 5-year warranty that comes with batteries and can be prolonged for up to a decade.

-Take advantage of our various financing options, like Power Purchase Agreements.

-Visualise the exact configuration of your solar panel layout with PVSol Design software.

-Make the switch to clean energy with the UK’s premiere domestic solar PV specialists.

-Benefit from our extensive experience in the field, ensuring that you receive optimal service.

-Through commercial utilisation, expect to see an ROI within three to five years.

-We have successfully installed over 40,000 measures in homes and businesses across the country.

-We have also installed loft and wall insulation, ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers, gas furnaces, and more.

-We offer both residential and business services to meet your needs.

-We can offer proven techniques to generate electricity at home and reduce your energy bills.

-We have at our fingertips a vast network of installers and subcontractors.

Experience outstanding customer care with us

We are renowned for our exemplary customer service, setting the bar high when it comes to providing expert advice and solutions concerning solar panel battery systems. Our team is passionate about supplying our customers with the best selection of choices, tailored to fulfil their unique requirements.

Time after time we have gone above and beyond expectations with our total reliability, openness, and our willingness to answer any queries customers may have. It’s no wonder that so many people turn to us as trusted experts in their field – you can always rely on us.

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“Worked with these guys for over 10 years now on various projects, always professional, polite and customer focussed.

GHE Solar ltd have actually helped me to develop my own company by using their operating standards as an example within my own company.

Great solar panel installer”

John Allen

“GHE were fantastic – I would highly recommend them. They always replied promptly to my emails and answered all of my little questions. We had our work done via the Government’s Boiler Scheme, which required GHE to apply for a voucher before the work could be completed. All of this was done quickly and smoothly. The gentlemen that GHE had come and do the work were also great – they were efficient, polite and made sure to clean up after themselves. One of the sensors on our new heat tank broke, and they made sure to come and get it fixed. Best of all, they charged us what they originally quoted.”

Simon Jarrett

“Good experience from end to end – quick quote, good installation and nice to get the batteries in sooner than expected! Whole company extremely friendly and approachable with any questions. Very pleased – thanks!”

Paul Archer

Photovoltaic cell battery

Unlock the benefits of solar panel batteries with us and power your home today

Now is the time to make a switch towards renewable energy and solar power, and we provide an unbeatable opportunity for doing so. Our top-of-the-line solar panel batteries are guaranteed to provide you with long-lasting sustainable electricity that will help you save money in the long run.

Stop waiting and start taking advantage of clean, reliable solar energy with the help of our knowledgeable network of solar installers. Solar panels are fast and simple to set up, so you can enjoy all the positive aspects that come along with them in no time at all.

You can contact us on 01635 529090 or via email at Renewables@ghesolar.co.uk if you have any questions about what we have to offer,  but don’t wait too long –  get started on your journey towards a greener future today.

Get the answers to your questions about a solar panel battery in the UK

A solar panel battery is an essential component of any solar energy system, converting sunshine into a reliable source of power you can access whenever you need it.

By managing the flow and storage of electricity generated from your panels, this device ensures that all available energy is used in the most efficient manner possible.

With a solar panel battery on board, you can rest assured knowing you’re taking full advantage of every ray of sun.

If you’re looking to make the most out of your solar energy system, then a solar panel battery is essential. Not only does it enable you to save excess electricity for future usage as opposed to sending it back into the grid, but it also gives you access to reliable power even when there’s no sunshine around. With this innovative technology, now more than ever before, you can take advantage of your renewable resources and never have any worries about being left in the dark.

Deciding on the best solar panel battery for you can be tricky, but the UK has a variety of choices available. Lithium-ion is by far the most popular choice due to its energy efficiency, durability, and simple upkeep. It’s also one of the most cost-effective options given its long lifespan – making it an ideal solution that offers superior value in both quality and price.

To guarantee that you have the ideal size for your solar panel battery requirements, it is suggested that you seek advice from an experienced solar professional before making a purchase. This will help ensure the battery size selected matches up with factors such as how much electricity your system generates daily and how much energy needs to be stored via solar power.

Depending on the battery and its usage, a solar panel battery can last anywhere between 5-15 years before needing to be replaced. On average, these power sources require a new installation of a battery after this period has elapsed.

The solar panel battery is a brilliant way to cut down on energy costs. With new and improved technologies, these batteries capture the energy that would otherwise be lost when not utilised. Furthermore, they are an effective source of electricity even during those days when there’s no sun or intermittently cloudy weather – making them dependable in any circumstances.

A solar panel battery is typically entirely safe, provided that it is installed and managed appropriately. Most solar panels come with incorporated safety measures such as temperature control, overcharging protection, and short-circuit security to guarantee the user’s assurance. This way, you can be certain your system is running safely.

Before investing in a solar panel battery, it’s essential to carry out the necessary research. Numerous vendors offer solar battery solutions such as reliable suppliers, installers and online stores like GHE Solar Ltd. Make sure you select a supplier who meets your requirements for optimal performance.