Off grid solar panels from GHE Solar Ltd: The perfect solution for your energy needs

Off grid solar panels

With rising electrical energy costs and an increasing concern for our environment, GHE Solar Ltd has the perfect off grid solar panels solution for both domestic and commercial properties in the UK, the perfect renewable source alternative for your current power usage. Our off grid solar systems offer a premium, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution that puts you in control of your energy requirements.

At GHE Solar Ltd, we understand the importance of embracing sustainable solutions and reducing the overall carbon footprint. Our off grid solar kit comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures a consistent, reliable and efficient energy supply even when you’re completely off-grid in isolated houses. Additionally, our off grid lighting system uses sunlight to generate electricity, which means that you can reduce your reliance on traditional electricity sources significantly.

Our array of panels is not only easy to install and operate, but it is also very low maintenance. Plus, it requires minimal upkeep, and you can expect years of uninterrupted, cost-effective power supply. At the heart of our complete off-grid solar lighting system is a commitment to helping you reduce energy costs while helping safeguard the planet for future generations. Join us in the journey towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. Contact GHE Solar Ltd today to find out more about the incredible benefits of solar energy.

Get to know our list of advanced features and benefits!

Solar panel off-the-grid

– Lower energy bills by avoiding high peak-hour rates

– Easy access to applicable tax breaks and cash incentives for reducing your carbon footprint

– Increased property value, making it simple to find buyers when it’s time to sell

– Boosted grid security for added peace of mind

– Excellent alternative energy resource, perfect for areas with limited access to traditional electrical power sources

– Improved energy performance efficiency, leading to long-term cost savings

– Enhance business reputation as a sustainable and eco-friendly company

– Maximised operations productivity with reliable off-grid power

– Cheaper installation service costs compared to traditional grid-tied solar panels

Experience unique features and benefits from GHE Solar Ltd!

– Expertise in commercial solar PV installation with a 3-5 year payback period

– Free smart meters from energy suppliers to monitor the energy generated and consumed

– Energy-efficiency specialists who can offer a wide range of products like insulation, heat pumps, and LED lighting

– Batteries with a 5-year warranty and an option to extend it up to 10 years

– Flexible financing options like Power Purchase Agreements and leasing options

– PVSol design software to help you visualise your panels and calculate potential savings

– A wide network of installers and sub-contractors across the UK

– More than 10 years of experience in installing PV systems in both commercial and residential settings

– Tried and tested methods for producing electricity entirely off the grid

– Exceptionally trained and highly experienced solar panel experts

– One of the UK’s best domestic solar PV specialists

– More than 40,000 measures installed to date

– Thorough energy audits and assessments to tailor solutions to your energy needs

– Transparent pricing with competitive rates and no hidden costs

– Friendly customer service and after-sales support from a team that values your satisfaction

Experience exceptional customer service with GHE Solar Ltd - Your trusted off-grid solar panel company


At GHE Solar Ltd, we take pride in being a trustworthy and honest off-grid solar panel installation company. Our team of friendly experts is dedicated to offering the best service possible to our customers. You can count on us for quick and prompt customer support whenever you need it. As a well-known name in the renewable enrgy industry, GHE Solar Ltd is renowned for its integrity, reliability, and quality.

With us, you can be assured that you will receive exceptional customer service that goes beyond your expectations. We will work with you every step of the way, from consultation to installation and regular maintenance, to ensure that your complete off-grid solar power system continues to deliver maximum efficiency and savings. Don’t settle for less – contact us today to find out how we can help you harness the boundless power of the sun for your home or business.

Remote solar array

Incredible feedback from satisfied customers: Witness the power of off-grid solar panels!

“Worked with these guys for over 10 years now on various projects, always professional, polite and customer focussed.

GHE Solar ltd have actually helped me to develop my own company by using their operating standards as an example within my own company.

Great solar panel installer”

John Allen

“GHE were fantastic – I would highly recommend them. They always replied promptly to my emails and answered all of my little questions. We had our work done via the Government’s Boiler Scheme, which required GHE to apply for a voucher before the work could be completed. All of this was done quickly and smoothly. The gentlemen that GHE had come and do the work were also great – they were efficient, polite and made sure to clean up after themselves. One of the sensors on our new heat tank broke, and they made sure to come and get it fixed. Best of all, they charged us what they originally quoted.”

Simon Jarrett

“Good experience from end to end – quick quote, good installation and nice to get the batteries in sooner than expected! Whole company extremely friendly and approachable with any questions. Very pleased – thanks!”

Paul Archer

Offline solar cell

Harness the power of the sun with off grid solar panels!

Are you tired of paying exorbitant utility bills and depending solely on electricity grid systems? Then it’s time to make a switch to off grid solar panels. These panels convert sunlight into energy, providing renewable energy source that’s clean, reliable, and cost-effective. With off grid solar panels, you’ll be able to power your home, business, or even remote areas without relying on traditional electricity grid systems.

At GHE Solar, we’re committed to providing sustainable energy solutions to our clients. We offer top-quality off grid solar panels that are designed to meet your energy needs and exceed your expectations. Our team of expert technicians will help you select the right solar panels that fit your energy consumption, location, and budget.

Join the thousands of homeowners and businesses that have made the switch to renewable energy and start saving money today. Take the first step towards a greener future by contacting us on 01635 529090 or emailing us at Renewables@ghesolar.co.uk. Let’s harness the boundless power of the sun to create a more sustainable world for future generations – make the switch to renewable energy today!

Off grid solar panels: Answers to your FAQs

Off grid solar panels are a type of solar panel that generate and store energy without being connected to the grid.

This means that they provide electricity to households and businesses without relying on utility companies.

Off grid solar panels are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional energy sources, as they do not produce any emissions or pollutants during operation.

Unlike grid-tied solar panels, off grid solar panels are not connected to the utility power grid. This means that you will need to have a backup power source, such as a generator, to ensure that you have power when your batteries are not charged.

One of the main benefits of off grid solar panels is that they provide energy independence. They can also be a more cost-effective solution in remote locations where it is expensive to connect to the grid.

The amount of energy generated by off grid solar panels depends on a variety of factors, including the size of your system, the amount of sunlight in your area, and the efficiency of your panels.

The size of your off grid solar panel system will depend on your energy needs. You will need to determine what appliances and electronics you plan to power, and how much energy they consume, to determine the size of your system.

Off grid solar panels can be a great solution for people living in remote locations, as well as those looking to reduce their dependence on the utility company. They can also be less expensive than grid-tied systems in some areas. However, it is important to consider the upfront costs and maintenance required for an off grid system before making your decision.

Off grid solar panels require minimal maintenance, but you will need to regularly check and maintain your batteries to ensure that they are properly charged.

Off grid solar panels can be a great choice for individuals or businesses who want to be energy independent, or who are located in remote areas where it is expensive to connect to the grid. However, they may not be the best solution for everyone, so it is important to carefully consider your specific energy needs and budget before investing in an off grid solar panel system.