Smart meter delays could mean higher bills for millions

Credit – Sky News – – 07 June 2019

Those on prepayment meters had expected to benefit from having smart meters but they could be delayed by up to two years.

Four million homes on prepay gas and electricity meters could see higher bills due to delays in the rollout of smart meters, says the competition watchdog.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) wants to change the way it calculates the prepay price cap and it could also be extended beyond its previous end date of 2020.

 The cap of £1,242 a year for the average home was introduced in April 2017 and is separate from the government’s price cap policy.

Those using prepayment meters, many of them due to poor credit history or debt, had been expecting to benefit from having smart meters.

But the CMA said the smart meter rollout had “not progressed in line with the initial projections”.

They added: “Evidence shows that it is not on track to complete by the end of 2020 and we believe may be as much as two years behind schedule.