Get free insulation

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Why insulate your walls?

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The question should be, 'why wouldn't you?'. There are lots of benefits to cavity wall insulation, not forgetting it's completely free!

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Cheaper Heating Bills

Up to

When you insulate your walls more heat is kept in your home for longer, meaning you don't have to crank up the heating as often and your heating bills go down!

of your heating is lost through uninsulated walls.

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Reduce pollution, help The Earth

And that's just by insulating their cavity walls!

The most effective way for us to reduce CO2 emissions is for us to reduce the energy demand. Insulating your walls keeps more heat in your home for longer, reducing the amount you put on your heating therefore reducing the amount of CO2 your home produces.

of CO2 per year.

On average, a detached house can save

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Insulation is a good (and free!) investment. So why not go for it?

of people see it as a must-have

In fact

when looking to buy a new home. It can increase the property energy rating, and if you ever sell it becomes a great selling point.

Increase the value of your home

Cavity Wall Insulation is considered important to home buyers.

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