ECO (Energy Company Obligation)

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Funding based on the property

GHE work under the CERO obligation, this means the funding is based entirely on the property itself and NOT the owners or occupants. It is based on the detachment of the property, how it is heated and how many bedrooms!

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100% fully funded by the Energy Companies

The whole process of getting cavity wall insulation; the surveys, the install, the 25 year guarantee are all completely free. The ECO scheme funds all of it through the money put in by the big Energy Companies!

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Tackle fuel poverty

Part of the target for the ECO scheme is to reduce fuel poverty. Cavity Wall Insulation keeps heat in properties for longer therefore reducing the cost of heating bills!


About ECO Funding
How could it be free?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a Government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty. Energy companies with more than 250,000 household customers, including E.ON, British Gas, EDF Energy and Npower are all part of the scheme, set up to save people money on their energy bills, keep homes warmer and help reduce carbon emissions.

The scheme began in April 2013, and over time it has been amended. The latest changes to the scheme occurred in 2017 and apply to measures installed from 1 April 2017. The latest version of the scheme is termed ECO2t.

It is called the Energy Company Obligation as it is funded by the energy companies. Essentially, money from them is put into a pot to be used to install energy efficiency measures, such as Cavity Wall Insulation, for those who are eligible for it. There are currently two parts to ECO Funding; HHCRO and CERO.

HHCRO (Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation) means improvements are given to qualifying low-income and vulnerable households and therefore is based on the occupants.

CERO (Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation) means the funding is provided to all households in any housing tenure so the funding is not based on the owner or occupant of the house but the property itself. This is the obligation GHE work under.

If your property falls under the right criteria, you could get Cavity Wall Insulation fully funded (free) under CERO. To see if your property qualifies just get in touch! Or if you don’t have time for a phone call, fill out the form below and we can let you know.

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Have you got a study?

As the funding is partly reliant of the number of bedrooms the property has there are some exceptions as what is classed as a bedroom. If you have a study or playroom, or any room with a window that can fit a single bed, it can be classed as a bedroom - increasing the funding available for the property!

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This is to establish the amount of funding the property would get. Any room with a window that can fit a single bed in can be classed as an additional bedroom which means additional funding!