Pre-Install Information

The information below covers everything you need to know before the installation, but if you do have any questions just give us a ring and we will be happy to help!

We book the install with you for the most convenient date possible. There are morning and afternoon slots for the installations and we give estimate arrival times of within the hour, but if you need a more specific time you can ask us to give you a ring on the day when we know what time we will be with you. At GHE we take pride in our timekeeping skills, but if traffic gets in the way and we do happen to be running late on the day, we will be sure to let you know!

Sometimes core vents are required to comply with Health and Safety regulations when installing cavity wall insulation, they are fitted from inside the property. A core vent is similar in principal to an air brick and enquires adequate ventilation is maintained inside the house.

A core vent must be fitted in each room with an open fire or an appliance that uses gas or oil. It is installed at the same time as the insulation and don’t worry, we will let you know if one is required before booking the install and where it needs to be!

If your property is rendered, we will fill the drill holes we make for the installation and then paint over them. We do our best to match it to the original colour of the house. If you happen to have the original paint, we are more than happy to use it – just let us know!

On the day of the installation, we do need someone at the property to let us in before we start so we can carry out our internal checks. We also need someone to check that they’re happy with the works and signed the required funding paperwork once the install is complete, so please bear this in mind when choosing an install date!

The install itself is relatively quick, usually around 3 hours depending on the property size and area to fill. The installers will drill holes into the external wall and then use a machine to inject the cavity wall insulation into the cavity.