Do I Qualify?

Gaining the funding for insulation depends on the property itself and not the occupant, and is based on the type of property, it’s heating type and how many bedrooms. Funding is calculated on the amount of carbon tonnes a property produces, this is calculated from a Technical Survey. Carbon tonnes are what are saved when insulating a property. The less wall area there is to insulate, the less carbon there is to save and therefore the funding is reduced. This is why things such as insulated extensions will reduce the funding available.

The houses below are the ideal houses that will gain funding – but don’t panic! If your property isn’t one of the below, fill out the form to the right, you could still qualify!

Insulating your property not only creates a warmer home, but gives you an improved energy rating and reduces the cost of your energy bills! You could save £££’s – check out how much here! And the best thing – it could be fully funded under the Government scheme ECO, so you might not have to spend a penny to save money! Don’t miss out, get in touch today.

If your property has a study, playroom, games room etc. that has a window and can fit a single bed in – you can count it as a bedroom for the funding even if it’s not currently used as one! This could dramatically affect the funding available for the property, so don’t forget to include it!

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