1 millionth smart meter connects to UK network

Credit: www.totaltele.com – 22 May 2019


The Data Communications Company (DCC) has announced that one million second-generation (SMETS2) smart meters have been successfully connected to its nationwide secure network.

At 14:48 on 21 May 2019, the 1,000,000 milestone was reached when a SMETS2 electricity smart meter was installed in Slough by SSE.

Significant progress has been made on the SMETS2 roll-out, with up to 20 meters now being installed every minute of the day.

Today’s milestone shows the scale of progress since just eleven months ago, when the Business Secretary Greg Clark told the House of Commons that one thousand meters had been installed.

“One million meters now connected to our secure network represents a great achievement for everyone involved in the smart meter roll-out,” said Angus Flett, DCC’s Chief Executive.

“Credit to the energy companies, distribution network operators, and all the organisations in the supply chain who’ve worked really hard with us to make this a reality.

“Of course, there’s still much more to do before the end of 2020. Smart meters and the DCC network are digitising Britain’s energy system and enabling the decarbonisation needed to ensure our children have clean air to breathe. That’s the prize we’re all working towards.”

The volume of data carried over the DCC’s secure network is also rising: 30 million messages were conveyed over the network in April alone.

Core service providers working with the DCC on the smart meter roll-out are Telefonica and Arqiva (communications) and CGI (data). At full scale, the DCC network will provide greater reach than mobile, digital terrestrial TV and superfast broadband, bringing the benefits of smart metering to 30m homes and small businesses.

David Crawford, Managing Director of Telecoms for Arqiva, said: “The roll-out of smart gas and electricity meters is one of the most important, and complex, infrastructure programmes going on in Great Britain today. We are proud to be playing a part, using our expertise to build the dedicated communications infrastructure that allows meters to connect seamlessly and securely with the network in the North of England and Scotland. The one millionth SMETS2 meter to be installed in Great Britain is a fantastic milestone and we join the DCC in saluting all the organisations involved in getting to this point.”

Julie Sadler, Smart Metering Director at Telefonica UK, said: “Congratulations to the eco-system on the successful installation of 1 million SMETS2 meters, a critical milestone for the programme. I’m pleased and proud that the power of our network is being used to enable a bright energy future for our country. Smart meter deployment is a great example of the power of technology enabling consumers and society as a whole to use energy in a more sustainable way.”

Mark Aston, Senior Vice President for the North, Energy, Utilities and Telecoms sector at CGI, said: “We are delighted to be at the heart of Britain’s Smart Metering Programme as it progresses. It remains vital to our country’s energy security, affordability and carbon reduction plans. CGI’s team continues to work collaboratively with the wide range of stakeholders in the Smart Meter Implementation Programme to ensure we deliver a reliable, secure data service that will help enable a smart energy future for Britain.”
The DCC is also leading a programme to enrol first-generation (Smets1) smart meters onto the network by the end of 2020; and it is delivering Ofgem’s Faster, More Reliable Switching programme, which will enable consumers to change energy supplier smoothly within 24 hours, fostering a vibrant and competitive energy market.